Nosework Training


NACSW Nose Work and AKC Scent Work are fast growing, positive and challenging sports that allow your dog to develop and use his strongest natural sense. This sport was modeled after the professional working detection dog as well as search and rescue dog tasks.

The handler-dog team work together to locate a hidden target odor that builds and strengthens a foundation of trust between dog and handler. This activity is easy to learn and can be done by virtually any dog and person. It can help build confidence and focus in your dog and provide much needed mental and physical exercise especially for high-energy dogs.

Searches in NACSW Nose Work and AKC Scent Work are completed in a variety of elements to mimic real life detection dogs. As your dog progresses thru training they will search: Containers / Luggage, Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles and Buried Hides. The regulated scents that will be used at various levels will be Birch, Anise, Clove and Cypress.

Here is the training enrollment form.

Nosework I

The initial Nosework training class is completed in a lab environment where the dog will be trained to alert to the Anise odor. The handler will also be trained with the dog in marking and rewarding the correct alert behavior. You will receive a home Nosework training kit once your dog passes the scent lab training.


  • Dog must be 8 months old to participate
  • Dog Harness
  • High Value Food Reward
Class meets once for 6 weeks, approximately 1 hour.

Nosework II

The second level of Nosework training moves from the lab into the interior environment of the training center as well as containers. The dog and handler will search for the Anise odor on furniture, walls and various objects for Interiors. Containers will introduce the additional scent of Birch and will involve searching for the scent within 12 cardboard boxes.

Requirement: Completion of Nosework I

Class meets once for 6 weeks, approximately 1 hour.

Nosework III

The third level of Nosework training will introduce the dog and handler to Exteriors and Vehicle searches or Buried Hides. Exteriors will include exterior building environments and obstacles while Vehicles will involve searching three vehicles. Buried hides will search for the scent in containers of topsoil. The introduction of multiple hides with two odors is possible depending the dog’s drive, as well as the introduction of the Clove and Cypress scent.

Requirements: Completion of Nosework I and II

Class meets once for 6 weeks, approximately 1 hour.

Proceeds from these classes will help Circle Tail partner Diabetic Alert Dogs at no charge to the recipient.

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