In Home Service/ Hearing/ Companion Dogs

General Information

An In Home Service or Hearing Dog is a dog that is trained in specific service or hearing dog skills such that they can perform the skills in the home for a person approximately 14 years old and older with a disability. An In Home Companion Dog is a dog that is provided to a family that has a child developmentally 10 years and older with a specific need because of a disability.

The adoption fee of an In Home Service/Hearing/Companion Dog is $1,000.

An In Home Service, Hearing, or Companion Dog may be right for you and/or your family if:

  • You have a disability and would benefit from some extra assistance in the home while others are gone, but you typically have family or friends that accompany you when you are out.
  • You have a hearing impairment and manage just fine with hearing aids but don’t want to wear them when you are home.
  • You have a child with a disability who would benefit from the calming presence of a dog and his/her companionship.
  • You have a pre-teen (10+) or teen with a disability who would benefit from a task trained dog but is not yet ready for the responsibility of a public access service/hearing dog.

Requirements for In Home Service/Hearing/Companion Dog placement:

  • You reside within  90 miles of Circle Tail which is located on the north east side of Cincinnati, OH.
  • You are at least 14 years or older for a Service/ Hearing Dog and at least developmentally 10 years or older for a Companion Dog.
  • You have a completely fenced yard.
  • No other dogs live in the home.
  • You will attend a basic obedience class with the dog within the first 3 months of adoption. You can attend at Circle Tail at no cost or show proof of completing a class at a location near your home.
  • For in home service and hearing dogs, we provide up to 2 private lessons in the first 6 months of placement at Circle Tail at no charge.
  • You will submit monthly follow up reports for the first 6 months following placement.

If you think an In Home Service, Hearing or Companion Dog might be right for you or a family member, please complete the In Home Service/ Hearing/ Companion Dog questionnaire below. Once we receive this form, we will contact you regarding an interview at Circle Tail so we can gather more information on you or your family members’ needs. Following the interview at Circle Tail, a volunteer will visit you for an assessment at your home.

In Home Service/ Hearing/ Companion Dog Application

Go to this page to request a Circle Tail In Home Service/Hearing/Companion Dog for yourself or a family member.  We are requesting this information to guide us in making the best match between you, your family and one of our dogs. Email the form to

Please complete all questions, read the "In Home Adoption Information and Agreement" that follows the questions and submit the form to Circle Tail.

Please note, besides this application, there will be an interview at Circle Tail and an interview at your home for the potential recipient and family. Depending on the type of Service/Hearing/ Companion Dog needed, additional training may be required.