Hof’s Journey

Month 1

Hof was partnered with Candice in October. She writes:

This past month with Hof has been absolutely amazing. He’s not only helped me with my disability, but he’s also helped me appreciate life just a little more. While being with Hof, my spirits have lifted. I am so grateful to have a partner like him. He is loving, happy, and playful yet he is on his A-game at all times!

Hof is my diabetic alert dog and during our first month of partnership he has alerted me several times. Most times, I can tell by HIS body language that my sugar may be dropping. He has a certain look he gives me; staring straight at me with concerned eyes. Hof will then begin to do a “check” where he sniffs me and if he smells a certain scent, he will “alert” me by pushing his nose against me. At that time I check my device and just as Hof told me, low sugar. I didn’t even feel it, but he smelled it and let me know he smelled it. Hof is able to retrieve my sugar for me if I’m unable to walk during my low. At the moment, we are practicing having Hof “get help” during an emergency. He is doing great along with my children who have been very patient and know that Hof is here to help me. He is giving my family peace of mind, including my mother, father and my husband while he’s away at the firehouse for 24-48 hours. We have learned to trust Hof as he has shown us his outstanding capabilities.

Hof has made a couple of visits to my children’s elementary school when I have had to volunteer. I was very impressed by him; even in a noisy environment, full of curious kids, he managed to stay focused and do his job. By doing so, this helped the kids understand his role and be respectful of him. It was fun being able to educate the children. I really enjoyed that experience and I’m sure Hof enjoyed showing off a little. He was Superman for the Halloween party or as I like to call him, SuperHof.

I’ve learned so much from Circle Tail in just a short period of time and will only continue to learn more. I feel privileged for each relationship I’ve gained at Circle Tail. My future with Hof is a bright one. We will constantly be working together, growing together, and keeping each other on our toes (or paws). Hof is something special and so is our bond. He is a part of me now; one of my best parts.