Make a Memorial Donation

Make a donation to Circle Tail in memory of a loved one or a beloved pet. Here is a form you can use.

Buy a Commemorative Tile

Join Circle Tail's Wall of Sharing. Celebrate life or share a memory and invest in Circle Tail’s new Training and Education Center! Donate a commemorative tile for a friend or loved one, and, of course, your dog! Here are the details

Provide a "Team Starter Tote"

Circle Tail strives to help each Assistance Dog/ Partner team get started out on the right paw. We would like to provide to each team partnered with an assistance dog a "Team Starter Tote" which would include start-up supplies such as a collar with ID tag, leash, toy, assistance dog vest or harness, some grooming supplies, 6 months worth of heartworm and flea/tick control medication, 1 month supply of food, membership in the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners and more . These totes cost Circle Tail approximately $350. Donations to cover one or more of these totes would enable more recipients to begin their new assistance dog partnership with less financial worries. Please use the attached form.

Support our Foster Puppy/Inmate Program

We also have a Foster Puppy/Inmate program which pairs a puppy with an inmate in a correctional facility. Donations to the Foster Puppy/Inmate program can be made using the following form.